History of time

The latest addition to the range, this avant-garde clock lets you see the mechanism making time.

At ease in its time, this model uses both modern technologies for its appearance and mechanized cutting in our workshops for the wheels and sprockets.

The laser cutting of the stainless steel structure offers a vision of the most modern of today’s clocks.

L’Eiffel has a watchmaking specificity that differentiates it from other existing movements: an off-center barrel that allows the weight to be naturally aligned with the pendulum.

It is this balance between style and technicality that allows this timepiece to refer to the genius of Gustave Eiffel.

Inox polished Price : 1890,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 1990,00 € TTC

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Total height : 124 cm

Dial :  Ø27 cm inox

Depth : 27 cm x 20 cm

Total weight : 7,15 kg

Mechanism height : 24 cm

Mechanism deph : 24 cm

Mechanism and pendulum  : 4,35 kg

Weight (x1) : 3.00 kg

Autonomy : 8 days* by the rewinding hank supplied.

* (if installed at 1.85 m from the ground)