Skeleton clock

Composed of more than 200 pieces and completly made in our workshops, this so-called cage-fer movement generally used in Comtoise clocks, is set in modern times.

Resolutely contemporary finishes in terms of the colors of the powder coating as well as the treatment of the parts : brass, gold plated or inox hand polished to compose a unique mechanism while respecting traditional know-how.

Vauban also means finding the sound of times past with its bell that counts the hours with the possibility of activating the night shutt off mode of the ringing.

Inox polished Price : 2750,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 2900,00 € TTC

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Height of the mehanism : 24 cm

Depth of the mechanism  : 24 cm

Mechanism and pendulum : 6 kg

Weight (x2) : 2,950 kg per unit

Autonomie : 8 jours* par remontage à l’aide de la manivelle fournie.

* (si installée à 1.80 m du sol)

Frequency 1 :  at the time, remind at 2 minutes

Frequency 2 : at the half

Option : Automatic ringing stop for the night  to  pm 10:30 at  am 8:00).

In glass with the index black or white

Due to the customization of some models, the manufacturing and delivery of your clock may take up to 3 weeks.