Art of simplicity

The apparent simplicity of this movement have a uncluttered line manufactured in the rules of Art Franche-Comté watchmaker.

Each piece is designed and handmade with high quality materials and gets plating treatments that ensure the longevity of this clock resolutely modern by its style.

Courbet is available in a range of colors ranging from classic to more original to become a work of art in itself.

Inox polished Price : 1280,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 1430,00 € TTC

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Total Height : 106 cm

Depth / Width : 16 x 16 cm

Total weight : 7 kg

Height of the mechanism : 16 cm

Depth of the mecanism : 16 cm

Mechanism and pendulum  : 4,20 kg

Weight (x1) : 3.00 kg

Autonomy : 8 days* by the rewinding hank supplied.

* (if installed at 1.85 m from the ground)

Due to the customization of some models, the manufacturing and delivery of your clock may take up to 3 weeks.