Comtoises in oak

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Traditional Comtoise

The “cage-iron” movement, with its classic pendulum, brass pediment and enamel dial, sits comfortably in cases created by craftsmen-cabinetmakers from the Jura, using species that respect tradition: spruce or the oak.

A wide choice of finishes is available to allow your traditional Comtoise to adapt perfectly to your interior.

Total Height : 226 cm

Depht : 25 cm

Widht: 48 cm

Cabinet and mechanism  : 45 kg

Mechanism and pendulum : 5,0 kg

Weight  : 2,950 kg x 2

Height of the mehanism : 24 cm

Depth of the mechanism  : 24 cm

Mechanism and pendulum : 6 kg

Weight (x2) : 2,950 kg per unit

Frequency 1 :  at the time, remind at 2 minutes

Frequency 2 : at the half

Option : Automatic ringing stop for the night  to  pm 10:30 at  am 8:00).

280 mm in polished and varnished brass

Dial : enamel

Pediment : brass

Cage-fer 2700 €

Comtoises in spruce

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