Local anchoring …

By letting our imagination run wild, referring to the Boucle of Doubs is obvious to us.

The collaboration with a Franche-Comté cabinetmaker is the source of this contemporary creation which offers a modern vision of the mechanical clock.

Once again, the alliance of local know-how makes it possible to create and offer clocks that become works of art.

Its curves will provide serenity and modernity in your living room for a natural or japandi atmosphere to create a haven of peace.

Frên'éthic - Manufacture Vuillemin

Inox polished Price : 3690,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 3840,00 € TTC

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Thouret murale verticale - Manufacture Vuillemin

Dimensions : 200 cm

Base : 60 cm x 30 cm
Weigth : 25 Kg

Mechanical mechanism Boulle
Dial:  Ø20.5 cm index in marquetry

Hands : Bâtons
Pendulum : cylinder or lens
Autonomy : 8 days by the rewinding hank supplied.

Massive french Oak

Due to the customization of some models, the manufacturing and delivery of your clock may take up to 3 weeks.