In the beginning was… Time!

New collaboration with a Franche-Comté cabinetmaker and marble maker: this model is made of oak from regional forests.

Associated with the Courbet movement, this clock offers a modern vision of the mechanical clock.

Once again, the alliance of local know-how makes it possible to create and offer clocks that become works of art.

Always respecting the criteria of our “Living Heritage Company” label as well as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage listing, our original but timeless creations will fit into any interior.

Frên'éthic - Manufacture Vuillemin

Inox polished Price : 2990,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 3140,00 € TTC

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Thouret murale verticale - Manufacture Vuillemin

Heigth: 200 cm

Base : 50 cm x 35 cm
Weigth : 25 Kg

Mechanical mechanism Courbet
Dial:  Ø10 cm index black

Hands : Bâtons
Pendulum : cylinder or lens
Autonomy : 8 days by the rewinding hank supplied.

Massive french Oak and granite

Due to the customization of some models, the manufacturing and delivery of your clock may take up to 3 weeks.