This model is, quite simply, the reproduction of the traditional hands made in our factory.

The powder-coated steel base associated with our “Vesontio” movement offers a wide range of combinations to create a personalization of each model.

From the most classic to the most ultra-modern style, this clock will find its place in all interior decorations.

Inox polished Price : 2490,00 € TTC
Gold plated Price : 2640,00 € TTC

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Total height : 200 cm
Width of the clock : 50 cm
Weight of the clock  : 24 kg

Length of mechanism  : 24 cm

Depth of mechanism : 24 cm

Mechanism and pendulum : 4,35 kg

Weight (x1) : 2,950 kg

Autonomy : 8 days by the rewinding hank supplied.

Due to the customization of some models, the manufacturing and delivery of your clock may take up to 3 weeks.